Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil
Happy Honey Oil

Happy Honey Oil

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This baby was born from the #SJÖfamily community. We asked you guys about your dream products and ingredients, and the result became to be the Happy Honey Oil.

This is a dry and lightweight multipurpose facial oil that's suitable for all skin types- even oily complexions. It's formulated with non-comedogenic oils so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. 



The powerhouse oil squalane provides intense moisture and penetrates deep into the skin to rejuvenate and boost cell regeneration. 

Blueberry seed oil is one of the strongest antioxidants. Combined with vitamin A found in rosehip oil, it helps protect against age-causing free radicals and pollution. 

Watermelon seed oil detoxifies and depuffs while rosehip and prickly pear oil improve pigmentation to reveal a clear, bright and glowing complexion.

Arnebia root has soothing and anti- inflammatory properties. Together with prickly pear oil, it works to reduce redness, itchiness and irritations.

The power-trio of raw propolis, arnebia root and rosehip oil reduce scars and imperfections while improving overall texture and reducing fine lines. 



Apply 2-4 drops in the AM and PM, or as often as needed.

Tip: mix a few drops with your foundation or concealer for that extra glow!

Store it in a dry space out out of direct sunlight.


Squalane (Derived From Olive Oil), 
Rosehip Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Propolis, Arnebia Root, Prickly Pear Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil...that's it!

Arnebia root has effective healing properties known to calm irritated and red skin. We extract this in our studio and each batch takes 3 months to make until it’s ready. 

We’ve also added pure propolis to the formula. As a wonderful antimicrobial and antioxidant it's a true miracle worker. You may see small speckles of this ingredient in the oil. Because of the natural composition, some separation may occur. 


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