Our Story

Hi, I’m Jenny. My mother and I started this journey to create simple but truly great skincare. We wanted to empower honest beauty both through the ingredients we use but also the way we do it. 

Introducing ’The Happy Honey Mask’. Overwhelmed with choices in the beauty section and over designed brands and labels of long lists of 'clean' ingredients we couldn't pronounce,  we set out to make our own. Our philosophy was simple: create the perfect mask, and do it really well.  After 74 recipe formulas and careful crafting, we finally found the ultimate combination of 6 meticulously selected ingredients. We use the highest quality raw honey directly from a local beekeeper and combine it with organic Chinese coix seeds. To protect our buzzing friends, we also donate 10% to causes that help save the bees.

Our mask is hand blended in Karlstad, Värmland, known for its lake reservoirs. ‘SJÖ’ translates to ‘lake’ in Swedish and therefore reflects the origin and purity of our product. All ingredients are 100% natural, of the highest quality, ethically sourced and personally tested on ourselves to ensure it doesn’t just look good on paper but also on skin!